January 5, 2011


You may recall that my father-in-law has been very sick. He basically has a bad heart and compromised lung function - small heart attacks over many years, triple bypass surgery, aortic aneurysm and COPD just to name a few of the issues. MIL ended up calling 911 on New Year's Day as he was having great difficulty breathing. He was congested, in A-FIB (which we knew already but was taking medication for) and needed to have his pacemaker battery replaced within the next 90 days. A few hours later he was admitted and the only plan was to get his oxygen up and the fluid down. Yesterday they "shocked" his heart back into normal sinus rhythm and changed the battery. He is scheduled to move to a transitional facility tomorrow to regain some strength before going home. He's not out of the woods yet and we fear this may signal tough times ahead. We haven't seen him since Sunday as the kids are back in school and the daily grind rules our world. I'm feeling guilty about not visiting - I'm hoping we can make a trip to wherever he his this coming Saturday after Chunky's basketball game. Never enough time - cherish every moment!

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