January 27, 2011

Members only

We stayed in a suite on our trip and suite members have gold cards. Gold cards come with perks! We had access to a concierge (I was practically escorted to his office when I asked a question at the main desk), a lounge with special key access for espresso drinks and cocktails, a members only section at the pool, priority seating for shows, etc. On the last day of the trip we were invited to a reception with the captain in the Sky Bar. It was very nice with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. Here is Hubby and Sassy at the reception - Sassy had at least three plates mounded with chocolate covered strawberries.

Here is the view of the pool area from the Sky Bar (back of the ship) -

And this is the view from the pool of the Sky Bar (circular) -

Special seating -
Special someone sunbathing -
We had a clear view of the ice carving demonstration from the special section -

It's an angel fish!
I wish the special treatment would have extended to post-cruise. We sat on a bus to transfer from Ft Lauderdale (where the ship docked) to Miami (where we flew out of) for over an hour and a half. I finally raised holy you-know-what only to find out there was another bus bound for Miami that left earlier (thanks for telling us that was an option). I made my displeasure known and before long we were on our way to Miami - our bus driver practically flew us there. We arrived exactly 60 minutes before our plane was scheduled to depart and thank goodness for the SkyCap because we just made it.
All's well that ends well. We had a wonderful vacation, I am blinding everyone with my awesome tan and I am willing Spring to arrive early this year. Back to reality.

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