December 30, 2010


We just found out the in-laws won't be able to join us for our annual winter getaway due to FIL's poor health. It makes me sad on so many levels, but especially for my cherubs. Sassy is very close with all her grandparents, but her Papa holds a special place in her heart as her only grandpa (my dad died when I was 25 - two years before Sassy was born). When I told her they weren't going with us, she just sat quietly sobbing. She doesn't like to be held or consoled until she's ready, just like when she was a baby (Chunky was my cuddlebug). Papa took Sassy and I home from the hospital after she was born (hubby had to work). Papa watched her when she had sick days and I had to work (watching Sleeping Beauty over and over, and over and over). Papa walked her to the bus stop every morning of first and second grades. And Papa plays bingo with her on vacation. We're in a bit of a funk wondering if the new year holds "lasts" for us. Only the good Lord knows what's ahead so we will have to live in the moment.

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