January 3, 2011

Memory lane, part 2

I recently read old brands are making a comeback. I attribute this to three things - 1) during a recession we tend to have nostalgia for "the good old days" (not sure how good they were, but my generations' memories are likely as selective as mine these days), 2) what's old is new again eventually, and 3) Mad Men. I have to admit I'm on the bandwagon. I was a sucker for the throwback versions of Mountain Dew and Pepsi this summer because they don't contain high fructose corn syrup and I liked the retro packaging. It got me thinking about my good old days and some favorite commericials:

Just think of how much money you would save on manicures if you used this

Most people think this luggage commercial is for Samsonite

Before Swatch there was Timex

Alka Seltzer remade a famous commercial with the parents from 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

I will forever be loyal to Bounty paper towels thanks to Rosie

I've never liked bologna, but I love this commerical

This is one of my all time favorites - my theme song!

Bill Cosby could do no wrong in the '80s, he was Mr America and the face of Jell-O pudding

The Steelers ruled in the '70s and this commercial was very popular

Please don't squeeze the Charmin!

Did you know Waco, TX is the home of Dr Pepper (as well as Ted Nugent and my alma mater, Baylor University)?

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