January 21, 2011

Reality bites

Cruising the Caribbean for 5 days does not suck. Returning to the arctic with -10 F temp totally sucks.

I'll give you the long and short of it. First the short. I overpacked, we are all gloriously bronze, Hubby and Sassy are now official scuba divers, we saw Chunky for a total of 5 minutes, we swam with stingrays and lived to tell, Chunky and I swam with dolphins, and I got hoppin' mad with someone who almost screwed up our return flight (which earned me props from a guy from Jersey as I may have swore a few times).

I will post the long version along with photos over the next couple of days. After I catch up on all my TV shows, read all the posts missed from blogs I follow and start my Finance project (in that order).

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