June 19, 2015

Ad Mash Up

This is the most clever mash up of two pop culture TV shows! LOVE the drink references too. This company renovates/refurbishes vintage (Mad Men era) furniture. There has to be some sort of award for this.

June 12, 2015

Happy Dance

It's Friday and the weather is gorgeous!

June 5, 2015

On My Mind Lately

Is it Donut or Doughnut?!

I am tempted to stop at my favorite cupcake shop which has Simpson's Duff Beer Donut Cupcakes for today only, but I just can't rationalize fighting the already late Friday afternoon going-to-the-cabin traffic plus cupcake line to do it.

It's unoffically summer! Yesterday was my baby's last day of his first year of high school :( I reminded Chunky of that all week as I dropped him off ... it's the first day of the last week of your first year of high school ... and he was pretty ready for me to be done with that on day two. I know now how quickly time passes - seems like just yesterday was the last day of Sassy's first year of high school, yet it's already been six years. 6 YEARS! Stop and rewind please. While I love the independence that comes with my kids' getting older, I miss the excitement for little things and actually wanting to spend time with me. sigh, I need a donut

I finished my proposal class and the actual proposal EARLY on May 20th. I'm pretty damn proud of myself as it was a *beech* to get through. Now I just have to wait for approval, conduct my research (interviews), write up my findings, make a presentation and take a final class to graduate in December. Piece of cake donut.

Speaking of school, some of these senior quotes are pretty funny.

American Pharoah
Tomorrow is the Belmont Stakes, the last race in the Triple Crown, and this horse is poised to be the first in 37 years to take the Crown. BTW, the correct spelling is Pharaoh but obviously people take liberties with names (I'm looking at you Keira Knightley's parents).

It's been raining a lot here in the arctic. I miss the sun and beach from my vacation last week (separate post on that), but I do not miss the humidity - not great for good hair days. The rain however is good for my plants and so I am thankful.

I was raised with a specific religious faith and I've raised my kids the same, but I've fallen away in recent years. I tend to align with Spinozism - God is nature and we live, die and are recycled in the universe. I still feel dissonance however. This story by my favorite TV fixer uppers was inspirational. One of my favorite bloggers has just released a bible study so I'm considering it to see if I can connect on a deeper level with the roots of my Christian upbringing.

That's all folks. Make it a great first Friday of the 6th month of the year 2015!

March 31, 2015

No Foolin'

I turned in the first draft of my research proposal four days ago (last Friday). I sat at the school library for seven and a half hours until I got it done. Well not all done, but as done as I could without going blind - went home and cooked dinner for my peeps then put on the finishing touches. Whew that felt good but I was concerned that it wasn't good enough - I really lost steam towards the end. I got feedback today and you could have knocked me over with a feather. "Bravo!" to quote the instructor. I was so shocked - thank goodness it's not April Fool's Day! I might make it through this afterall.
My research will focus on effective ways that leaders learn abut the organization they are transitioning to from their employees. I really wanted to address how new leaders "fit" into a new company and believe there is a significant gap in engaging direct reports to learn about the organizational culture. 
Here's a piece of my proposal intro -

I recall sitting with two executives with whom I was having a finalist interview several years ago. Though I was willing to leave a company and people I loved for a growth opportunity, it was important for me to assess how I would fit in at the new company. I asked the executives to describe their organization’s culture. One said ‘dynamic’ and the other nodded emphatically in agreement. My interpretation of the term was positive, that the company must be progressive and I was in the market for something new. I made the move and reflecting on my tenure with that company, I would definitely call it dynamic. In nine years I experienced six bosses, five job titles, three chief executive officers and associated executive level changes, as well as countless restructuring and mid-level personnel adjustments. It was a culture of constant change with a revolving door of new leaders at every level. And quite honestly I never felt like I fit in.

March 30, 2015

Tale of Two Salads

I have been on a quest for easy to prepare, great tasting 21-day fix approved meals. I scored with these three. The first two are different versions of a shrimp avocado salad and the third is a fruit salad.

Both shrimp salads have shrimp (obvs), avocado, olive oil, red onion and cilantro, but then things get interesting. I like them both equally though nothing compares to the amazing shrimp salad I had in San Diego two months ago (seemingly bottomless bowl for $8).

Zesty Lime Shrimp Salad
This one uses lime for acidity and jalapenos for spice (I use jarred). Tomatoes and cilantro are also in the mix.

Shrimp Avocado Salad 
This one uses red wine vinegar for acidity and Dijon mustard plus garlic powder for zip. Parsley is listed but I use cilantro.

Tropical Fruit Salad
I have this fruit salad almost every morning and it's delish! I think it tastes like Hawaii. Mind you I've never been to Hawaii, but this is how I imagine it tastes.

Banana - I use half in my protein shake* and the other half here
Papaya - I cut one up on Sunday, store in container and take a scoop equal to half the banana
Pineapple - I use store bought chunks (SO EASY), scoop equal to banana / papaya
Lime Juice & Zest - I zest and juice a lime on Sunday, store in container and drop about 2 tsp in
Shredded Coconut - put the lime in the coconut ...
Sliced Almonds - this puts it over the top

Shake, marinate 10-30 minutes and enjoy!

* My favorite shake recipes (chocolate of course):
  • 1 scoop + 1 cup almond milk + ice + banana + honey
  • 1 scoop + 1 cup almond milk + ice + banana + natural peanut butter
  • 1 scoop + 1 cup almond milk + ice + maple syrup + pecans

March 13, 2015

Fix Follow Up

So how am I doing on the 21 day Fix program? Not bad if I do say so myself. My green intake is light - I definitely need more veggies - but I'm impressed with my choices. I decided to be honest and track my vices as well (damn Girl Scoot cookies!).

Containers p/day53541
Workout--DanceUpper FixPiYo
Breakfast1/2 shake coffee fruit salad coconutshake coffee fruit salad coconutshake coffee fruit salad (2) coconutshake coffee bananashake coffee fruit salad coconut
Snacknutsnutsnuts bananayogurt granola
Lunchchicken veggie medley (3) eggs sesame seedschicken raspberries eggspeppers hummmus cauliflowercukes hummus cauliflower
Snack3 clems2 clems2 clemsskinny pop
Dinnerchicken (2) rice (2)nuggets chicken friesturkey corn tomatoes blk beanssweet potatoes chicken rice
L 1 pc Dove choccookies + 1 pc Dove choc

I plan to walk the dog this weekend since summer arrived early in the arctic and I have a date with my treadmill every Sunday while watching one of my new fave shows - Madam Secretary.

One will not go hungry on this program - I ate so much on Wednesday that I thought I would explode (and no cheats that day!). Here's the color code breakdown for my daily calorie intake based on current weight:
51 ¼ cupVeggies
31 ¼ cupFruits
5¾ cupProteins
4½ cupCarbs
1¼ cupNuts, cheese, avocado, hummus
12 TbSeeds
5 tOils/Butters

February 28, 2015


I interrupt binge watching House of Cards season 3 to share with you something very important. I have found the best foundation EVER! On a whim and a recommendation from Kate at The Small Things Blog, I purchased this set and OMG the 'foundcealer' is the most amazing thing on the planet EVER! I have shared here my disdain for foundations that are cake-y and don't match my arctic skin tone, but this does! I don't even match their lightest shade, rather I am Light which makes me feel more normal rather than a freak of nature with odd skin coloring wearing a mask of foundation. It goes on like a dream with great coverage (veins and random tiny red splotches are nowhere to be found) and my skin feels like skin with nothing on it. It even wears well through my 21 Day Fix workout. All the other items in the set are nice too, but the foundcealer is a game changer for me.

This has been a very important public service announcement. You're welcome. Carry on.