March 29, 2013

Loads of love

I went to load the washing machine and saw Sookie in her familiar position atop the dryer. I was startled a moment later to see an extra head. Unfortunately neither one was interested in helping me with the laundry.

March 27, 2013

Flat or full

How do you like your macaroons? They should be plump, perfectly rounded little pillows. Sadly, mine look like this -

I purchased this book - for a pittance at $5 - because I dream of living out my life in a warm climate while toiling away in a little bake shop. Ah the good life.

I toiled in my kitchen last Sunday - almond meal check, pistachios check, pastry bag check, parchment paper check, new spatulas thanks to early birthday gift from mom check, endless patience uh, no. It was hard work and required a lot of energy to keep furry kids away from the goods. There may also be a reason that book was $5. I researched my little heart out - instead of writing my school paper - and found that I need to add the sugar to my egg whites earlier in the whipping process. That's how I'll be spending next Sunday.

Happy Easter mom! 

March 24, 2013

Amazing Amazon

I've been ordering from for quite some time. I'm not a power shopper or anything, but I like the selection, prices and free shipping. We buy supplies for hubby's needs, shows on demand through our Smart TV and I download e-books and apps for my Kindle. I was recently in the market for a pair of beige open toe wedge heels. I purchased a black pair last year and they were the perfect summer work shoe so I fgured a beige pair would round out my needs when black wasn't the best fit.

These came into my life via Amazon -

Unfortunately they weren't quite right. I prefer not to have much space between the front of the shoe and where my toes start - it looks like the shoe is too big and my toes are squatty. So I decided to return them and notified Amazon. They instructed me to leave the box for pick up outside my front door for UPS to collect. A week passed. I notified Amazon that UPS had not picked up and received a reply that UPS had been notified. Another week went by. I sent Amazon another email last night and received a reply within moments ... they were contacting UPS. I received another reply a few moments later saying that it was too expensive for another UPS pick up so I would be credited and could "dispose" of the shoes any way I'd like. Amazing. I guess I'll be keeping the shoes after all. They weren't expensive, less than $35, or I'd feel terribly guilty. Amazon's customer service is beyond compare ... I'm a lifer.

March 17, 2013

Spring Something

I'm not much of a Spring cleaner. I'm not much of a cleaner in general ... I should be, but I'm not. I am however a master organizer. I would have a field day in someone's closet. If you watch Big Bang Theory, think Sheldon in Bernadette and Howard's closet last week. For example, I have all the paperwork including medical bills and equipment manuals, as well as encouragement cards and every known publication on the topic of quadriplegia/spinal cord injuries related to Hubby's injury organized in a fabric bin. I keep it on our laundry room counter - it looks good and is super convenient as I've had to reference frequently over the past several months. So rather than write the first draft of a paper due for Marketing class in three weeks, I've been organizing and cooking multipurpose-style like a mad woman. The accountant and Goodwill benefited greatly from my mad skills. I feel really good on one hand, but really bad on the other. Think bickering devil on one shoulder and angel on the other - the inner workings of my mind are a constant mystery.

On the cooking front, I made a batch of wild rice earlier in the week to include in stuffed peppers. I used the leftover meat "stuffing" that didn't fit into all the peppers to make a meatloaf at the same time. I also cooked a second turkey breast (the one that didn't fit in the crock pot) and had so much left over that I made up two freezer packages for later use. I cooked some bacon in the oven earlier today to include a few pieces in an impromptu casserole for tonight's dinner. The casserole was made with some of the turkey and wild rice I made earlier in the week (along with some of the gravy!). Then I set aside the majority of the bacon to use in BLT sandwiches later this week (the slices stay flat instead of buckled when cooked in the oven). My freezer is full of meals and I feel so accomplished. Can you see me patting myself on the back?!

Now, that darn paper ...

March 12, 2013

Link worthy

Ok, so I know I've been super lazy lately by posting photos or content with mostly links. It's hard to be original when others have such amazing thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it's just easier to share and say "ditto". Nevertheless, I realize this doesn't help me in the creativity department or anyone reading this with the who is she and why does she even have a blog department.

But. This. Is. Worthy. I promise!

I've been wanting to make this 3 ingredient crock pot turkey recipe for some time and I got a bee in my bonnet this weekend. The verdict - delicious! We love to have mock Thanksgiving at my house.

I may have run to the store to get the "right" size turkey when the crock pot lid didn't cover the 5lb-er. The recipe should come with a disclaimer 'bout that. Yeah, turkey later this week too! I may have also started later in the day than intended because she-who-does-not-watch-the-news didn't know it was daylight savings. Whatevs, don't judge me.

March 10, 2013

Cutie Patooties

My Sookie cookie girl and Sassy's Mittens (I call him "Love Bug"). How cute are they?!

March 3, 2013

Furry Fun

  This is Mittens who weighs all of 3 lbs sharing a water break with our 80 lb "moose", Maddie. This little guy has no fear.