January 23, 2011

Underwater adventures

Hubby and Sassy have been wanting to get scuba certified ever since they got a taste on vacation last year. I have no interest because: a) I am a wimp, 2) I have been blessed with sinus issues and c) someone has to hang with Chunky. Conveniently our ship offered a "level 1" course with half day class instruction, half day pool instruction and full day open water dive. This allows them to go down 40 feet assisted by a master diver. They both passed with flying colors which was no suprise to me as Hubby was a competition swimmer in high school and Sassy is an Aquarius (I'm not paying attention to the "new" horoscope bunk so will not check to see if anything supposedly changed).

The pool portion of the course was in the Solarium. I spent a lot of time here as no one under 16 is allowed (save for the occasional check in with parents of course), there are two huge hot tubs and it's very quiet compared to the main pool area (aka party central). Sassy was very intent - it didn't hurt that the instructor was a hottie from South Africa and walked around half naked.

Introducing my new scuba divers -

Hubby took this photo at their dive spot - very cool.
They are hoping to extend their skills and obtain certification for greater depths and the ability to go solo (no master diver required). They've even talked about going to a local aquarium to swim with sharks!

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