January 11, 2011

D!sney on my mind

My grad class this term is Strategic Finance. I have a feeling I'm going to think Accounting was a walk in the park. We learn by studying an actual company and were give a choice between Hormel, Costco, P&G and D!sney. We collectively selected D!sney (though I think I voted for Hormel because they make their home in the arctic and I thought it would be fun to write something about Spam - I'm so mature). Our first assignment was to read D!sney's10K, an annual required filing with the SEC. It's kind of interesting but not a lot of sizzle factor if you know what I mean. Our next assignment was to "dig deep" and find out any information we could - financials, leadership, products, etc. We use Blackboard software via the University site to post findings and reply to others. I was daunted by the assignment when the instructor said she expected an average of 15 postings per person. What?! I'm supposed to spend all day looking up D!sney and talking about it? It hasn't been that bad - rather interesting and kind of fun actually. I'm not up to 15 posting yet, but close (12). I still have 69 hours to post. I may OD on D!sney by the time this course is through.

For anyone interested in following along -

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