February 19, 2012

Furry Friends

We have bird feeders in our front yard outside the kitchen window. There are quite a few squirrels who enjoy eating the food / shells the birds discard. One squirrel in particiular has taken a shine to Sookie our cat. It jumps up on the outside window ledge and looks for her. Sometimes Sookie is already there and other times we call her to say her secret admirer is at the window. They start out with a staring contest and then progress to a slow motion dance, shifting from one side of the window to the other. Sookie makes a lot of high pitched noises when her friend comes calling. I'm not sure what's going through her cute little head, but I don't think it's birdfood.

February 15, 2012


Intellect - Lively - Strong-willed - Humorous - Inventive

Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday my little tow-headed ray of sunshine and I were singing Winnie the Pooh songs in the car on the way to daycare/work. The above words definitely describe Sassy. She's smart, but not arrogant or obsessed. She's lively, physically and mentally though knows how to chill with the best of 'em. She's strong-willed in the sense of being fiercely loyal and protective of beliefs she holds true. She's definitely humorous ... she cracks herself up daily and insists on getting us all in the act. She is inventive ... her creativity shines in school assignments and ways to get under her brother's skin.

I am post posting this on Feb 24th ... Feb 15th was Sassy's 18th birthday. Let's just say my life is complicated at the moment.

Wacky Wednesday

Today has been a wacky day.
  • It's Sassy's 18th birthday she's aged two years to my one so I'm only 9 years older than the day she was born I got her a shirt with a cool graphic of her zodiac sign on the front and traits that most certainly describe her on the back - intellect, adventurer, humorous.

  • I nearly ran over the trash can backing out of the driveway, only nicking it slightly but it sure sounded like I ran over it.

  • Attended a meeting with a client who last year flogged me for not having something they wanted and when I presented today that it's ready they say their legal dept won't support I really had to resist the urge to say "good thing we couldn't do it last year, eh?"

  • Got rear-ended on the drive home by a high school kid from my and hubby's high school no less Poor kid, he was a total wreck. I went into mom mode thinking about how awful it really could be and told him it was going to be okay - it's only a car and he's not a bad person. I even spoke to his mom on the phone 'cause he was so shook up and she needed directions to get him. My car is a little crunchy in the backside, but his resembled an accordion. Unfortunately I know all too well that the results of an accident can forever change a life; this was only a fender bender.

  • I ordered take out from Sassy's favorite restaurant for dinner and because I was a half hour late (see above) everything was cold. I discovered part of the order was missing when I got home and when I called the restaurant manager said I could come pick up the missing food and he would throw in more for free or he would send me a $15 gift card in two weeks. I thought two weeks was kind of a long time but I certainly wasn't going back after the day I'd had ... once I'm home, I'm home.
End scene.

February 13, 2012

RIP Whitney

So sad that the world has lost another talent in the prime of life. I will forever associate early adult life events (following high school) with songs from her first album - "Saving All My Love for You", "How Will I Know" and "Greatest Love of All".

February 6, 2012

Four Eyes

Almost one week before her 18th birthday, Sassy was diagnosed with myopia. Last week she told me she's been squinting a lot and having headaches so wondered if she should have an eye exam. Uh, yeah. It's a super light prescription (nothing like my blind ass) and she's actually excited - weirdo.