December 11, 2010

Canceled Saturday

Today is canceled due to weather. Which in one way is good because I still haven't finished my paper and the instructor sent an email yesterday saying it could be turned in by 4:30pm Monday. Score! Sassy and I were scheduled to attend a Nordstrom beauty trend show this morning. It was a risk on a good day as it began at 8am. That's a bit early even for me on a weekend, let alone a teenager. I quickly determined it was a no-go when I saw the snow depth and flurries as I let the dogs out at 5:30am. Chunky's basketball coach called last evening to say no game today. The PTA has been working on our annual book fair at Barnes & Noble for months and I just got word that it has been canceled. Fortunately we can participate in the book fair online. So the only originally planned event that may still be happening is the rescheduled beginner yoga class. Any bets? If yoga class is canceled for the second month due to weather I may never learn to do a downward facing dog pose properly and I definitely will not have the bod I dreamed of for vacation.

Here's the plan for today-
  1. Write the darn paper! I have 50%+ written as half is about leadership. It's the other half about Accounting that's challenging. Argh!
  2. Snow throw. Maybe.
  3. Order from Barnes & Noble. You can order too if you'd like - use code #10316925 at checkout and a percentage will be contributed to St. Peter's school.
  4. Purchase baking supplies to make cookies tomorrow. Only if #2 completed and as a "reward" for finishing that #@*& paper.
  5. Decorate. Sadly I have only added one more item in the last week - our old artificial "pencil" tree. It hasn't seen the light of day in a few years as we've always had a real tree and we haven't decorated downstairs since we moved to our new home. It definitely does not look like Christmas inside our home. Outside, that's another story.

Random note: Ever wondered if the correct spelling is 'canceled' or 'cancelled'? I have and finally decided to look it up on the trusty internet. Evidently it's spelled with one "l" in US and two in UK. Now you know. We can all sleep better tonight. You're welcome.

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