December 3, 2010

Holiday rituals

We don't have a lot of holiday rituals now that the kids are older. We used to do a Santa breakfast and photos (when mom remembered the camera) at a beloved regional retailer, drive around viewing house lights, decorate upstairs and down, etc. Now it's pretty low-key. We don't have a tree yet and I have only one decoration inside the house because I came across it in a closet while looking for something else. Hubby does not do outside decoration. I believe he was tortured as a child. I managed to hang swags on the garage lights purchased from the Boy Scout selling door-to-door. I removed the fall garland from the evergreen tops in the planter outside the front door and replaced it with a holiday-themed garland and clip-on poinsettia at the tippy-top. Our Thanksgiving friends gave us a lovely Norway Pine and I tied a ribbon around it to give the aura of festivity. I am in the process of writing a paper for Accounting (I have procrastinated greatly) and as soon as that's done I'm sure I'll get my full Christmas on.

Continuing rituals
- School Concert - last year's was the best ever and I have high expectations for this year which may not be met given last year's was the best in ten years of attendance

- The annual production at Children's Theatre: A Christmas Story. Always a treat and Chunky's favorite activity.

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