December 18, 2010

Bake off

The title should really be "I baked my ass off". If only that were really possible. Or alternately, "The furry kids ate my sugar/roast/cookies and lived to tell".

I made four types of cookies today and listened to Christmas music. I am slowly but surely becoming one with the holiday season.

I made two of my all time faves - Rugelach and Pistachio/Craisin with icing. The Pistachio/Craisin cookies are super simple and very festive with green & red. I chop pistachios and craisins, then press into sugar cookie dough (homemade or store bought). Bake according to directions and drizzle with melted white chocolate or almond bark (melt, cut off tip of plastic baggie and squeeze or melt in bowl and dip in half of cookie).

I tried two new cookie recipes - PDub's Festive Fruitcake and Giada's Lemon Ricotta. The fruitcake cookies are not my favorite - perhaps they'll grow on me. They have a lot of brandy in them so that could work in their favor. The Lemon cookies are keepers - light and lemony delicious.

When I came home from work yesterday Chunky was cleaning up the mess in the kitchen Sookie (cat) made after she'd gotten into a bag of powdered sugar. Hubby cleaned up tiny bits of a plastic bag which had been the safe haven for a thawing beef roast this morning. And I took a break from cookie baking to fold clothes and returned to find a batch of Rugelach missing from the cookie sheet cooling on the counter. The furry kids are getting coal for Christmas.

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