December 11, 2010

15" of Fun

Don't worry, this isn't a naughty post. Well, not exactly.

You guessed it - yoga was canceled. On the bright side, I couldn't do a downward facing dog or sun salu-anything at the moment. Charming children and I cleared 15" of snow (PLUS if you count the mountain at the end of the driveway left by the city snowplow). My arms and back are killing me.

I gotta give a shout out to Sassy - she is a ROCK STAR! Hubby is (conveniently) out of town.

I hate our snowthrower. Santa may be bringing a new one. The tension line thingy on the right side that makes the snow be gone snapped off at one point. Not happy. When I finally got it hooked back up - my hands are freezing and the do-dad thing is not cooperating - it snapped again. So I had Sassy bring me something to tap it in there. The hook at the top promptly broke on the second tap. So I figure we will work with what we have and go to start it up again. It won't start. Did I mention Chunky was bossing me around and told me to turn off the snowthrower and so I did just so he would stop bossing me? Regret.

This is how far we'd gotten -

There's a lot left to do. See?

Oh what a lovely day. On second thought, maybe Santa will be giving our family snow removal service. I sent Sassy to the side neighbor's house to ask if we could use their snowthrower. Their's was broken too so we went to ask the neighbor across the street and he said yes! The side neighbor came over to see if he could fix ours and he did! Duct tape really is a cure-all!

The last time I was one with winter nature (four weeks ago), I wore my beloved Ugg boots and by the time I finished plowing/shoveling, my boots and feet were soaked. This time I had a stroke of genius - I wore my wellie-style boots. Not the best traction but my feet were dry! I only fell twice - once on my knees while pushing the snowthrower up hill from the backyard after it had run out of gas and another on my ass moving about the garage (at least the ass has padding, not so much the knees).

Sassy and I each ran a snowthrower. I'm not sure what was more fun - having the snow blow back in your face or doing the driveway three times in all?! Yes, I know I look like the a burnt stay-puffed marshmallow in my coat. I don't care. That is the best coat on God's green white earth. It was a Christmas gift (requested) from my MIL six years ago and it is worth its weight in gold. I lost the hood long ago or I'd be rockin' that too. Perhaps the best part was having to stop and wipe the ice/condensation/fog from my glasses so I could see what I was doing. Yes, that and falling on my ass were definitely the most fun parts.

From this -

To this -

It's still coming down. We will likely have to do it again tomorrow. I just turned the outside lights on and you can't even see a glimmer under all the snow.

And no, the paper isn't finished. Argh!

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