December 31, 2010

The year in review

The older I get, the faster the years go by. I seriously cannot believe it's the last day of 2010. Everything past August is a blur. My babies are getting older and my body parts are moving south. The good news is my memory is getting worse so I don't remember stuff like poor choices I've made in the past. Nevermind that I don't remember where I put my coffee cup most mornings - I'm looking at the silver lining here.

I finished three grad courses this year. That seems like a lot. It probably isn't but humor me. I traveled to the Caribbean, NYC, the east coast and up north. I moved into an office at work and then I moved offices going from a 25 minute drive to an odyssey (I call it driving to Wyoming 'cause it feels that far away). I fired someone and hired someone. I didn't read three books I purchased (maybe I'll read them on vacation though let's be honest it's wishful thinking). I did not do one moment of scrapbooking. Good gravy that's a tough one. My laundry room got a hot makeover and today I did some major purging.

Some of my favorite TV shows faded away this year - 24 (Jack Bauer was the new McGyver), Guiding Light (I hadn't watched in years but started when I was little at my great-grandmother's house up north), Jon & Kate plus Eight (sad, sad tale), The Tudors (Henry, you dog) and Lost (I am lost without it). I am completely over Dancing with the Stars if anyone is interested. The only reason I'd watch is if Britney Spears was a contestant. Or Sean Connery (my star crush, though he's probably getting a little long in the tooth). Or Nigella Lawson (my girl crush). I found some new TV favorites - you may have heard me mention a little show called Glee. My friend MPB gave me the first season as a Christmas gift and my heart did a little happy dance when I opened it. That show has changed my life. I also can't resist The Real Housewives *any city but Atlanta* or Hot in Cleveland.

My resolution for 2011 is to live in the moment and be truly joyful. It should be to lose weight, but who am I kidding? Wait ... I did buy those popular shape-up sneakers today so there's hope yet!

Happy New Year!!!

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