December 5, 2010

Pizza genius

I recently picked up one of God's greatest creations at Trader Joe's - packaged pizza dough. I bought it at the same time as the Thanksgiving turkey because I couldn't just buy the turkey and get out of there, I HAD to walk around and see what wonderful things I was living without. The dough was about $1 and could be frozen. Genius! I got an urge to make the pizza yesterday but didn't know if I had everything needed. I found left over turkey sausage logs in the freezer and checked the fridge for cheese only to find I also had turkey pepperoni. Jackpot! I checked the pantry for spaghetti sauce but remembered I needed it for another meal this week. Then I had a revelation - I keep tomato paste around for who knows why and figured I could doctor that up. I was in business!

I cooked up the sausage then removed and put aside. I only cleared out any cakey chunks I didn't want in the sauce and added the paste, one can of water, seasonings (fennel, garlic, herbs) and a little olive oil and honey. This made enough for the pizza plus a little extra to add to the spaghetti later this week.
Can you say "clean your oven, girlfriend!"?
Voila - an amazing homecooked pizza!

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