July 3, 2011

We thought it would never arrive ...


We've been on our annual trek Up North this past week - see 2009 and 2010 posts for more Up North fun. I have so much to share, but will start with the pre-trip packing and staging.

I use oversize Ziploc bags that I cannot imagine living without. A friend works for the company that makes these and when she gave me samples of every size a few years ago my life was complete. I use one for beach towels, another for bathroom towels and washcloths, and another for "dirty" towels.

I use "old" laundry baskets (the ones deemed too small or unusable because they have holes) to hold all our shoes, cooking implements and paper products. These serve double duty - easy to pack up and transport plus they serve as our actual laundry baskets at the cabin.

Trust me there was a lot more. I don't have photos of all the food - adult beverages, lemonade & ice tea mix, canned goods, crackers, cereal, etc. We also brought up ATVs, a motorcycle and a lot of fishing gear in our trailer. More on the weeks' activities in the next post - it definitely had it's ups and downs! hint, hint

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