July 1, 2011


Chunky is attending summer camp at the Y 3x/week and it's awesome. They hang outside, go swimming and have field trips almost every day. It keeps him active and gives a much needed break from video games. The only thing that's not awesome about summer camp is lunches. For me that is. I hate making lunches. Coming up with fresh items, some of them healthy, packing it all in and the chore of prepping is NOT my favorite activity. This is why I gladly fork over the moola for the decidedly unhealthy hot lunches during the school year. Here's a breakdown of today's lunch -

First position the ice pack so that it keeps the drinks cold as well as the sandwiches, yet doesn't take up too much room. Then add drinks and tuck in an applesauce or fruit cup with plastic utensil.

Then layer in TWO sandwiches (he's a growing boy afterall) - today it was PB&J, but it could be turkey bologna, salami, ham or turkey. I'm partial to this brand of lunch meat.

Add a snack such as a bagel, crackers, chips or today's selection, beef jerky.

Finally, more snacks like peanuts, fruit rollups, or something super healthy like carrots or grapes.

Ta da - all of that fit in this bag!

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