July 13, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

New Word Wednesday is on hiatus for the rest of the summer (perhaps the rest of the year). While there are plenty of interesting words to discover and share ... I'm just not feeling it.

It's the week of appointments - eye appt today, hair appt tomorrow and two Dr appts Friday. The joy of it all. I ordered two new pair of glasses today - one "regular" and the other prescription sunglasses. I've never had prescription sunglasses - I feel so decadent.

We are officially caught up through season 3 of The Big Bang Theory. Season 4 doesn't come out until mid-September. How is that enough time to catch up before Season 5 starts? Hello DVD release people, get it together! Geesh

Sassy is working at Nordstrom for their big anniversary sale this weekend. She hasn't been working other than babysitting and Grandma jobs so will likely feel overwhelmed being on her for 9 hours a day. She will be an absolute joy to be around at home this weekend. Not!

Well, that's all I have to say about that. Happy Wednesday!

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