July 11, 2010

All good things must end

Three vacations in three months (NYC in May, East Coast in June and Up North in July). But the party is over now. Our up north trip was uneventful - in a relaxing, losing all track of time way. We fished (some of us did, not I ), we swam (some of us did, not I), we ate (I'll own up to plenty of this), we visited Star Island, we watched a lot of movies and the girls did some shopping.

The boat crew

The big story of the week was a black and white neighborhood"pet" seen on more than one occasion by MIL and Hubby (aka a skunk!).

Here's a few things I know -

I love nature

Sassy is a master angler

Chunky knows how to pick racing turtles

My MIL is quite a trooper

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