July 23, 2011

Gil been berry, berry good to me

Say the title with a Latin accent for '70s SNL nostalgia

Gil got me through one wicked winter and has been my commuting companion for three years. However, the times they are a changin' ...

Hello Dolly! and I don't mean Sassy's Tawny Kitaen car pose

Isn't she lovely?! She's a 2011 black amethyst Krom edition Rogue. I got an awesome deal and the dealer couldn't wait to get their hands on reliable, gorgeous Gil (evidently Altima's have great resale value). "Dolly" is probably not her permanent name - we're toying with "Adele", 'cause she's smooth, sultry and pleasantly PLUMp. I'm diggin' Dolly/Adele in a big way - she even has a back up camera which means I can't give MIL a hard time about hers anymore.

It's so nice to have you where you belong!

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