July 22, 2011

Out with the old ...

Our six year old dryer went to heaven. Good riddance!

They sure don't make things like they used to. Oh my gosh, I sound like my grandmother!!! Anywhozzle, we decided not to sink any more money into the old girl and went shopping for a new one. I didn't want the same brand as we've had many problems with our current washer/dryer so I knew going into it I would no longer have a matched set. What I wasn't prepared for was the lingo and new fangled options. I was very confused by the question, "Do you want front or top loading"? Did you know a dryer that's made as a companion to a top loading washer is called a top loading dryer even though you load it from the front? Mylanta! 6.7 capacity vs. 7.2 ... steam or no steam ... five cycles or ten or thirty-five? My head was spinning! Finally we went to our trusty appliance store and got a front loading dryer should do the trick.

Look - it has a window!

We have gas so hubby will need to hook it up tomorrow. I'm curious if it will be "level" with the washer. I'll get over it if it isn't (maybe), but it sure would be sweet if it were! Ah, the simple things in an OCD person's life I've never been so excited to dry clothes in my life!

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