February 21, 2011

9th, White and 2nd

9th place is how Sassy's team did in the President's tournament - out of 98 teams in the regional competition! They had a couple of losses along the way and some games were real nail biters but they did so well. It was a loooooooooooong weekend.

When we arrived at the tournament 7:30 yesterday morning there wasn't a flake in sight. We were greeted by 13" of snow at 7:00pm. It took four people to get us out of the parking lot. It was a white knuckle drive home - lots of ice, poorly plowed roads and falling snow. We drove 25 miles in an hour which would normally take half an hour. I thought it was going to take a lot longer, but there was hardly anyone on the road (hello tournament people, did you not get the memo the state DOT said no unnecesary travel?) and I was able to cruise at 40 mph almost the whole way by following tracks left by a vehicle before me. If you slow down too much, you get stuck and if you go too fast, you spin out. There were accidents left and right - mostly on exit ramps. We had to drop off another player and her mom and we didn't even drive down their street as it wasn't plowed yet. I felt bad leaving them to walk in the snow, but there was no way we would have made it in, let alone out. Sassy had to get out and push me around a corner at an intersection and then she had to run and jump in the car as I kept it going at a slow pace to keep from getting stuck again. When we arrived at our block, we saw that it wasn't plowed either. Sassy, Chunky and Sassy's friend who lives at the end of the block pushed my car all they way down the street and into the driveway as far as we could go. My tires have no tread left and the kids' are all sore.

I got up at 6:00 this morning to snowthrow - still falling snow. This is poor Gil (my car) -

I managed to get my car in the garage but there's already another 4" on the ground now. We'll likely have 18" total by tomorrow morning. Thank goodness hubby just came home from Canada about an hour ago - it's his turn! This is now officially the 2nd snowiest winter on record. I'd like to submit a memo to Mother Nature now - let's not go for 1st, okay?!

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