September 3, 2010


I am in denial about the end of summer. The first day of school is just four days away. Where did summer go? Seems like just yesterday we were kicking it off with our east coast trip. Even I'm going back to school - my next grad course begins in a week (Accounting & Finance yuck!).

We will be partaking in the great Minnesota get-together over the weekend and finally getting Chunky's uniforms - better late than never! We have most of Chunky's school supplies - he was as excited about these as Sassy would be about getting a car. My baby is growing up - he will be getting up and ready every morning on his own. Part of me can't believe he's that old and the other part of me isn't sure he's capable.

Sassy's volleball team is 2 for 2 so far! We're living the volleyball dream every day between games and practices. Of course I couldn't decline a request to volunteer. I'm coordinating the concession stand. Someone said I was a good person, but I assured them I'm just nuts.

Sassy and I visited this wonderful place today. Another blogger acquaintance mentioned it the other day and I made plans with girls from work for a field trip next week. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was just a block or two down from Sassy's doctor appt today. Delish! We had to buy a box (only 8 as I'm trying to cut down on the sweets) so we could sample a variety of flavors - Chocolate Pistachio is my favorite so far. The Chocolate Hazelnut - piled high frosting dipped in chocolate - was so rich and sweet that my teeth actually hurt.

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