June 19, 2010

East Coast Trip: North Carolina

We arrived in North Carolina one week ago today and it was HOT! My mother used to live in Phoenix and I thought that was bad with 100 degree plus temperatures on a regular basis. Everyone says "it's a dry heat" and that's supposed to be better, but I didn't care - that place was too hot to handle. Well now I have something to compare it to and 90 plus humid, sticky hot is definitely worse.

We visited Locopops on the way to my mom's from the airport. Awesome - thanks for the tip Mrs M! We bought one of almost every flavor so we had plenty of treats in the freezer. My favorites were Mango Chile and Mojito. Delicious on a stick.

We met Kiwi Jr and played with Shorty the dog (long-haired mini dachshund) and Sweetie Pie the cat. We relaxed a bit, shopped a bit and ate a lot. Chunky spent most of his free time attempting to bond with Kiwi or sitting on an exercise ball while watching TV. Note to self ... they are quite loud while in use. I don't suggest doing anything on said ball other than bouncing up and down without some instruction or experience. I fell ass over teakettle while attempting to do a sit up. It wasn't pretty and thank the good Lord above there are no photos.

Sassy, Kiwi Jr, Mango Locopop & Chunky

The kissing bird

Sassy's big purchase in NoC

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