September 25, 2010


I am stuffy for two reasons: 1) I have a terrible cold so vacillate between sounding like Darth Vader because I can't breathe through my nose and looking like a hot mess with tissue up my nose, and 2) I am doing Accounting homework or rather I should be instead of writing this post.

Sassy's volleyball team remains undefeated. One of the other parents is an amateur photographer and took several action photos at a recent game. They were much better than anything I could capture so I ordered a couple shots and hope to post them soon. She's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Chunky is up to one hour of TV or computer time (his choice) on school days as a reward for good behavior. I'm thinking this should be his new normal. I love how much he is reading and making an effort to play with different kids in the neighborhood. Today he has a friend over and it's rainy out so I'm letting them play video games for up to two hours. After that they can run around the house with swords or something. Chunky is also a budding chef - he regularly makes himself scrambled eggs for breakfast or as an after school snack. We've signed him up for basketball again - school and community. I love watching him improve with each game and he's turned into quite the team player - he appreciates when others do well and is quick to provide encouragement when they're down.

I just made a batch of strong chai tea to try to dissuade myself from eating the neopolitan ice cream calling me from the freezer. I have zero appetite but my sweet tooth is intact!

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