September 16, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays are some of my favorite days so no complaints here. I just thought it made for a good post title.

What else is going on?
  • Sassy has two big games this week against her schools' biggest rivals - they won the first and play the second tonight (undefeated thus far)
  • It's homecoming week so all kinds of drama - what to wear each day, who to go to the dance with, whether to go to the dance, possibly getting back together with boyfriend, drooling over football players yada yada
  • I pride myself on making every one of Sassy's games so am wearing work-appropriate outfits with school colors on game days that should get me at least one mom point
  • Chunky has been grounded from anything/everything electronic (he is allowed to use the microwave) so he has taken to reading the Harry Potter series why didn't I think of this sooner?!
  • Sadie, the elder cat, hoarked up Lord only knows what under my bed and I had to use the steam cleaner to clean the wood floor, baseboard and trim delicious
  • Abbie, the younger dog, peed my bed twice this week (she sleeps so soundly that she doesn't realize it - must be dreaming of fire hydrants) so have had to do 102 loads of laundry instead of 100

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