September 13, 2010

Baby Fix

I got my baby fix when I watched my friend MPB's baby on Saturday morning. We had so much fun - we got dressed, drove Sassy up to school to catch the bus for a tournament (she was really excited about seeing the bus, but kept calling it "doggie"), went to Target, cleaned the carpet from a doggie accident, ate breakfast, threw mommies shoes all over, read books and took a nap (her, not me though I needed one). I forget there is no down time when watching a little one. She had me busy, busy, busy but I loved it.

She really likes to take tubbies and the one at my house must have looked like a swimming pool!

Hopefully mommies won't mind that she's only wearing one shoe here - the other fell off in the car (thank goodness I didn't have to retrace our steps to find it - that could have taken awhile)

I moved the bath mat off the side of the tub when I started taking pictures and I had the grandest time watching her "work" that mat back to its rightful place!
I hope I get to watch my baby again soon. Mommies are worried they won't get her back for some reason :)

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