June 5, 2009

The Effects of Stimuli on Consumer Spending

Chunky has been regaling us of late with historical facts. He has obviously been making good use of school library time. Note to self: History Channel summer viewing in lieu of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody reruns. We discussed D-Day and it's meaning at dinner this evening and Chunky was all too excited to share his knowledge of Pearl Harbor when hubby mentioned WWII. Chunky then asked about the economy and what was wrong with it. I have a BBA in economics, but was stumped on how to explain the economy in general let alone the current state to a 9-year old. It was a lot easier to explain WWII with the butter dish as Japan, a glass of lemonade as Hawaii and various food groups on his plate representing France, Germany and Russia. I made a lame attempt to explain, but lost him somewhere between supply and demand. Tonight I'll be reading this. And this. Hopefully it will prevent me from being voted off smarter-than-a-3rd-grader island. Tune in next week.

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