June 9, 2009

Salad Mist

My friend and co-worker, MPB*, suggested I post recipes or plug products I like or something like that. So here's my first attempt. Business is booming at my company - that's good and bad. Good because I have a job, bad because we're so flippin' busy that people have resorted to scheduling meetings over the noon hour. Good gravy, is nothing sacred?! I eat lunch at my desk most days, but now I often have to take it with me to my noon meeting or even my 1:00 if I couldn't get to the cafeteria or fridge between 11:00 and noon meetings. Do you see my dilemma here?! Today I brought my lunch to 1:00 meeting with MPB and entertained everyone with my salad mist. I love this stuff - you can spray it on salads (convenient, no mess, portion control), spray on a sandwich for a little lo-cal flavor, and even spray it on meat or veggies as a marinade. The possibilities are endless. Really.

*I'm not sure what to call you on the blog MPB. I looked up acronyms and found -
Main Processor Board
Male Pattern Baldness
Micro Pulse Bomb
Missing Persons Bureau
Mission Planning Branch
Molecular Particle Beam
Any appeal to you? My personal favorite is the software company My Parent's Basement.


  1. I'd say Male Pattern Baldness. In addition, the salad dressing spray can be used as hair product--oh, possibly to help Male Pattern Baldness. Awww, snap. :)

  2. My vote is for Male Pattern Baldness. My children would vote for M. Poopy Butt. But we are gross like that. Can you guess who wrote this? =)