June 11, 2009

Summer Journal Entry #1

Chunky and I took the dogs for a walk last night. He suggested we write about our summer - all the things we do and see. Who knew we'd have such great material the first day?! Look what we found on our walk -

The hole it was digging with it's hind legs was quite deep. Could it be preparing an egg nest? The dogs wanted nothing to do with this mama. I came across a large turtle on a walk with Maddie near the very same spot last year and I can only assume it's the same one. I don't know much about turtles so don't know if it's a snapper, box or something else. We stayed clear just in case. I looked up "difference between box and snapper turtle" on the internet. The WikiAnswer - very simple. The snapping turtle will bite you, and the box turtle won't. Smartasses.

This guy is lucky he's cute! If he asked once, he asked a hundred times if he could move the turtle, touch the turtle, pick up the turtle, etc. I wonder what language he hears when I'm speaking because I'm thinking it's not english. Only how many more weeks 'til school starts?!

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