April 2, 2009

Carpe Diem

I am one of those odd ducks who doesn't mind celebrating a birthday. Hey, at least I'm still here to celebrate, right?! The day started like any other - remaining cat meowing at the top of her lungs to be fed as soon as I moved one millimeter in my peaceful slumber. It's gotten way worse since Maisie died. I've never not fed her -at some point I will get my lazy arse up and do it already. I opened the gift my mom sent two days ago but wanted to save until THE day so I knew I'd have at least one surprise - I asked for a portable iPod speaker/charger thingy. Thanks Mom, it's great! I worked from home which in my weird warped mind is almost as good as having the day off. I mean how awesome is it to sit at the kitchen table in sweats or jammies, drink unlimited cups of coffee and do unlimited loads of laundry?! Nirvana (without the beach). My mom called for the annual "Happy Birthday" serenade and thanked me for the happiest day of her life. Ah the privilege of being an only child. I will forever need to say each of my children's birth dates were "one of "the happiest days of my life lest anyone feel more or less loved than the other. Sassy wished me a happy b-day while running out the door saying I'd get my present as soon as someone takes her to Target. I should have kept my gas guzzler as it most definitely fits my limo driver image. I should be grateful though since she let me pay for her to have blonde highlights in her hair last week. The gift that keeps on giving - a mother's' meddling. My son gave me small hoop earrings with glass beads (that was a surprise!). He traded an eraser at school for them. I hope the kid he traded with didn't get them out of their mom's jewelry box. They look very much handmade and Chunky assures me the trade was on the up-and-up. Hubby took me to lunch - Chipotle because I would kill for their carnitas salad bowl I'm easy to please like that AND a cheap date - and he gave me a radar detector because I may have gotten a speeding ticket on my way to work two days ago. Birthday cards from family and friends, beautiful flowers from my former stepmother and a skinny chai tea latte to top it all off. A day worth celebrating!

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