April 22, 2009

Wish me luck and shoot me now (Part 1)

I am way behind. I had a personal challenge - post 9 entries for the month of April. I posted 6 in January, 7 in February, say it with me now 8 in March, you get the picture. I have just over 7 days to post 4 more entries in addition to this one. Wish me luck. At least I'm adhering to one of my new years' goals - maintaining a blog. I took a small step towards another goal last week - I attended an information session at St. Catherine's University for the Master of Arts Organizational Leadership program. I'm thinking I'll apply for the Fall session. Wish me luck.

I am the PA (PTA without the "T") VP for my son's elementary school and we have our annual fundraising extravaganza (Spring Fun Fest) this Friday. Shoot me now. This is my second year in charge of food. Last year it rained - the upside being more people stayed inside and ate our food, the downside being more people stayed inside and ate our food. We stopped counting how many hot dogs we'd gone through after our third trip to the corner market to replenish stock. I think we served close to 100 more than expected. We were dangerously close to running out of nearly everything at least 5 times over the course of 5 hours. One of the parent volunteers was so upset we didn't have hot dogs that she jumped down my throat and wanted to know what kind of operation I was running. Have I mentioned this is a parochial school? Shoot me now. This year I'm prepared - I've just about cleaned TWO Sam's Clubs out of hot dogs (we also serve tacos, subs, asstd junk food), AND if anyone takes me to task for my operation, they will be politely relieved of duty. Instead of The Donald's "You're fired" or Heidi's "Auf Wiedersehn" I'll say "You're relieved". I think it has a nice ring to it. More about the SFF later. Wish me luck and I will likely have wished that someone shot me by the end of Friday evening.

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