April 27, 2009

The Range and #2

The Minnesota Iron Range that is. Sassy and I headed north on Saturday and the drive brought back a ton of memories from my youth - shuttling between the Cities and the Range to visit my grandparents. They lived an hour north of Duluth in Eveleth. Blink and you might miss it on the west side of Interstate 35 North, but give it props as the home of the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was comforting to see the same trees that seemed so enormous to me as a child while laying in the back seat of my grandparents "boat" (aka big ass car).

#2 out of 22 is how Sassy's team did at the volleyball tourney. Her serving was incredible and she made several successful blocks. They were bested by a team with mostly varsity players so considering our team is all freshman and one sophomore I think they rocked! Following are favorite shots from the day.

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