March 26, 2009

Drama Boy

Chunky has a flair for the dramatic. A couple of weeks ago he was diagnosed with a sinus infection and was feeling pretty low. I gave him lots of TLC - even warmed a damp washcloth in the microwave with a cinnamon stick for a little aromatherapy. I may have set the bar a little high. He asked later that night why so many bad things were happening to him. I asked what those things were and he cited headache, runny nose, sore throat and oh yeah the four pills a day for 10 days. While I feel for the kid - I've had sinus infections and they're not fun - I had to chuckle a bit at the assigned severity this lapse in health held in the scheme of his young life. I'm blessed and lucky to say both kids are very healthy - aside from Chunky's dental issues and Sassy's acid reflux. While at the Dr. for the sinus infection, they had to remind me to make a "normal" appt since Chunky hadn't been seen since 2005 and that was for all his pre-K stuff. Oops.

More "bad things" this week - he had a bonus tooth immediately behind his baby eye tooth so they had to pull the eye tooth, the bonus one, then the eye tooth on the other side to maintain symmetry when his adult teeth come in. Poor kid - he was really hurting that morning and he'll have holes since those adult teeth won't likely come in for a year or more. That bonus tooth was over one inch long! When he asked why this was happening to him, I told him he had an extra tooth because he's extra special. I also told him everyone thanks their mother when they win an Academy Award. I wonder if they've learned the meaning of "compassionate" in third grade?

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