April 28, 2009

All over the place

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Superior from my Duluth hotel room -

I'm not typically a worry wart, but lately I've been worrying about the oddest things. Now I have swine flu to add to the list. You might think I'm paranoid except I will be traveling to New York City for an extended girls weekend in 17 days. Wonder if I'd be mistaken for one of Michael Jackson's kids if I wore a face mask around Manhattan & Brooklyn.

I was really moved by Angie's post about her Compassion trip and meeting one of her sponsor children. Wonderful to hear about the work this organization is doing and the lives touched by the emissaries visiting India.

I might have had a little fun while in Duluth this past weekend :)

Here's a photo of Sassy's team the night before the tourney (while I was having fun at the mom's table :)

I made it - I met my personal challenge for number of posts this month. Tell her what she's won Bob! Personal satisfaction, priceless.

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