April 25, 2009

Lots of luck and no one got shot

I made it!
We went through all but 30 hot dogs, and the taco meat, chips and pretzels lasted to the end. We ran out of subs about an hour short of closing which was fine since we had other things. The nachos, cookies, candy, apples and veggies weren't popular. There was a lot of candy/treats offered at the carvnival games which means we can go light on that stuff next year. Too bad about the veggies and apples - I thought for sure little kids and granola types would go for them. I don't even know how much soda/water/juice we went through but it was crazy busy. Sassy was a big help as were a few of her friends. Poor Chunky - hubby had to work until 7pm and with his mom and sister working in the kitchen, he didn't get much attention. I gave him money for games, threw him some food and he was on his own. He survived and even used some tickets to visit the wacky hair lady - blue and red hair dye in his flowing crew cut.

Now Sassy and I are preparing for a drive to Duluth for a volleyball tournament tomorrow. It's 40 degrees and windy there. Can't wait. My feet hurt and I had dreams of getting a pedicure before we left, but I am lazy and thankfully not walking to Duluth so will wait for another couple of days. I kind of wish Sassy could drive so I could read or work (sleep!) in the car. Oh well, no rest for the weary (or is it "wicked"?).

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