April 16, 2009

Ugly duckling or swan?

Chances are you've heard of Susan Boyle. My mom left me a voice mail, Hubby told me to get on You Tube, she's mentioned on most blogs I subscribe to and is all over the TV news, internet and water coolers of America. Amazing voice. Now I'll admit to being as vain and judgemental as the best of them, but I'm a bit perplexed at how Susan's being portrayed in the media. One web site called her the "hairy angel". A news story showed the audience before she sang and it looked like everyone was getting ready to laugh her offstage. Uh, is there some law I'm unaware of that only thin, young, beautiful people can sing their asses off? Two words: Luciano Pavorotti. I'm in awe not because she's an ugly duckling with a beautiful voice, rather because she's a mature lady who will likely live a completely whole other life now that she's shared her God-given gift in front of an audience. This phenomenon got me thinking - will Susan be transformed into a "swan"? And if so, will it be in an effort to make her more palatable for the masses or because she chooses to spread her own wings?

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