February 6, 2011

Sassy stylist

Remember how I love playing dress up with Sassy? Well she has been looking at prom dresses for the past month. She bought a magazine and oh Mylanta I was less than impressed with some of the styles popular today. I must be getting old. Also, the models for the dresses look ahem mature and more stylized than I'd like my sweet little high schooler to look. Sassy's magazine is full of dog-eared pages - she wasn't sure which style she liked. I knew she wanted something different than the Masquerade Ball dress and she wanted it to be unique. There are a couple of specialty stores locally that guarantee selling a dress to only one person at the same prom. I had some free time yesterday (read: I should have been doing Finance homework) so we decided to do some pre-shopping. Of all the dresses in her magazine, this was her favorite:

This wasn't my favorite, but I know it's important to try things on as they can look very different on the body from the photo or even from the hanger. Unfortunately the store didn't have this dress in stock. She picked out several others to try on. I questioned this one - didn't think I liked the print or neckline (a bit more revealing than mom prefers) but it was really pretty on her:

It was a contender. Until she started trying on the mermaid style (like first dress above). It's perfect for her body type - a little curvy in all the right places. I pulled a peacock blue strapless fit-and-flare gown that was similar to the mermaid style. It has a corseted back with a modesty panel so you can show as much or as little of the back as you'd like mom likes a compromise. It's classic, elegant and special. I thought the color and fit would be perfect. It was. And to my surprise she loved it.

Introducing Sassy's 2011 prom dress:

It's hanging in Sassy's closet as I write this post!

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