February 4, 2011

Liar, liar

Chunky has a bad habit. He will lie about most anything. He was allowed to be out of uniform the other day for red, white or blue day. He came upstairs wearing black. I informed him it was red, white or blue day. He said he didn't have anything red, white or blue. I say that I happen to know for a fact he has red, white and blue clothing because 1) I do the laundry and b) I buy his clothes. Hello?! I recommend blue jeans. He says he doesn't have any clean jeans. I remind him of who does the laundry Again, hello?! He's entered a new phase - lying about having his homework done. To his teacher. Not cool. He's grounded from everything (again) so he asked me to play Monopoly with him tonight. I of course obliged, but good Lord above how many games can one play in an evening? He lost every game (poor thing) and he's bored to tears, but I am Monopoly'd out. He's out in the dining room playing himself now. What did children do before TV and electronic games to entertain themselves? Oh my gosh he's coming in here. He wants me to play something else. It would be bad to tell him I'm too drunk to play right? I had to fortify myself with something during the aforementioned endless Monopoly games!

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