November 18, 2010

Dress Up Doll

Hello, my name is Better Late Than Never and I have an addiction. I love playing dress up with my daughter. Not as in we both dress up together, as in buying her cute things to wear. It is why she will have a mountain of student loans instead of having college paid for. It is a sickness that began when she only a bump in my belly. I used to buy her cute ensembles like this or this. She wasn't picky (that is until she turned 12) and would wear whatever I put out for her. It was awesome - my own little dress up doll. Styles and attitudes have changed but my obsession still reigns. Now this shop is a favorite. I recently bought this dress for an event. I also like this shop and especially this dress (I'm sick, not crazy - there's no way would I spend that!). I feel like her own personal stylist and though she has a flair of her own, every now and then she indulges me. Like when I talked her into a leopard-print trench coat. Classic! My next mission is roll-up cargo or twill pants. Wish me luck!

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