May 9, 2010

Mother Load

Happy Mother's Day!

So far I am having one of the best ones ever! I am not typically fond of this day - I think it should be called "Grandmother's Day" because they get the best deal. Sassy gave me the biggest greeting card I've ever seen in my life and Chunky gave me a card and small coin purse (both handmade). It won't be long before he'll grow out of the stage where they make things in school - I really love all those handprint, painting and macrame trinkets.

Hubby has been hard at work all weekend updating our laundry room - story and photos to follow.

Our washer broke the other night (of course it did, as it was only a month ago the dryer broke). Please pray/send good karma our way that the washer doesn't need a special part requiring a two-week wait. Sears repair is on their way tomorrow and I'm hopeful that I will be doing a mother load of laundry tomorrow evening.

My mother just arrived in Guatemala for a medical mission trip. Though I didn't ask permission, I don't think she'd mind my posting her email.

Hello Dear Friends,
I am here in beautiful Guatemala to start my 3rd Mission Trip with Agape Missions. The city of Chichicastenango sits at about 6500 ft amid lush forest and steep farmland. We (there is a gyn Surgeon, a Midwife and me) will work for one week at the Mission Hospital here called Buen Samaritano. Tomorrow, Sunday, there will be a line, stretching around the block the hospital sits on, of women who will in some cases receive their first gyn exam. The unusual part of this is that many of them have already had 5-12 children. Based on their pathology,the doc will then decide if the patients need gyn surgery. We then start on Mon @ 8AM with our first surgical patient. There is a Surgeon who lives here full time who is from Edina, MN. He is here with his Family-Wife and four daughters. When I'm not busy "sleeping" the gyn patients, Tom brings in whatever surgical case he needs to get done. When I donate my services, the hospital general fund saves hundreds of dollars per patient because they do not have to pay an anesthesiologist, several towns from here, to come for the week. I really enjoy my time here. I stay at a very nice hotel that serves good food and the room is spotlessly clean. Pray that all goes well for us and the patients who have surgery this week. In the mean time, I HAVE to have my dessert does Tres Leches cake sound? Yum, yum.

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