May 28, 2010

Hermey and the molars

We're back from the island of misfit toys ... aka The Dentist. Sassy had to have all her wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I had a filling replaced today.
I think "Hermey and the molars" would be an awesome band name. Remeber Hermey?!

Here's Sassy in recovery - complete with soup, straw, towel, water bottle, pain meds, gauze and barf bowl.

She was pretty sore and loopy. The anesthesia made her stomach very upset. I felt bad for the lady who was parked next to us at the grocery store - she had to walk around her car to get in as the traditional entry was "undesirable" if you know what I mean. I was stopping to get soup, Jell-O and pudding. I offered to make scrambled eggs for dinner but the Jell-O won out. She felt well enough today to go to school and up north with her girlfriends for the long weekend.

It's just Chunky and I tonight so we're going to plant annuals. Most folks planted weeks ago as we've had an unseasonably warm spring (hello El Nino), but I figured if I planted anything I was guaranteeing a late frost so held out. I ordered flowers again this year from an internet vendor that I've used in the past. We're planting herbs in one pot (chives, sage, oregano, parsley, thyme and basil). I love basil and it always makes me think of Basil from my all time favorite TV show, Fawlty Towers. This makes me think of another favorite, The Dick Van Dyke Show ("oh Rob"). Don't even get me started on Lost. I'll have to do a post on TV shows some time. Anyhoo...we're planting a collection of Coleus in two other planters. I received my plant order yesterday and the condition of the plants is terrible - not the quality I expect from this organization at all. One of the coleus (bronze pagoda) is broken at the crown and has mold on it. The chives and parsley are yellowing and broken. The basil is badly wilted and brown. Needless to say, they got an email from me as a very unsatisfied customer. I'll provide a sad, sorry picture of them tomorrow - I was just too emotionally raw from the experience to post any this evening.

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