May 30, 2010

An Adventure

Yesterday was a perfect day - 92 and sunny - for a leisurely drive an hour west to see what we could see. Chunky, MIL and I headed to Mudd Lake Furniture. I've had an itch to visit for quite some time - MckMama blogs about it being one of her favorite places on earth and I wanted to see for myself. It did not disappoint.

Here's the entrance -

Outside -

I love this door, but sadly I didn't have room to bring it home (nor a clue where it would go but that's a minor detail) -

I didn't take any photos inside because I was too busy looking at everything. There is a very eclectic mix of funiture, odds and ends. Both MIL and I made a couple of purchases. MIL could chat up a mute and so in true fashion, she began asking the owner, Bob Kratch, for his life story. Bob is a former NFL player for the Patriots and Giants (originally from NY/NJ) which impressed both MIL and Chunky.

Chunky was busy with the cast of characters Bob and his wife keep -

They even have a peacock!

From Mudd Lake we headed home by way of Wayzata. There are several restaurants on Lake Minnetonka so we stopped at North Coast for a bite and to take in the scenery -

My mojito and steak salad were fantastic!

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