May 23, 2010

Annual NYC Trip 2010

It was one of those trips when the time away feels longer than it actually was. I was mostly in the moment so no excruciating detail here about each day. Suffice to say we did A LOT of walking, talking and shopping. My favorite purchase was shoes.

Bryant Park for Project Runway enthusiasts like myself -
Scenes while walking from the Lower East Side into Chinatown -
I may or may not have gotten into a scuffle with a counterfeit purse vendor :)
A favorite shopping haunt - Fishs Eddy -

Bedford Barrow Commerce Block Association Festival in the West Village -

Shopping at one of the countless costume jewelry stores -

We took the wrong train - or rather the right train in the wrong direction -

It took a half hour+ to get back to where we wanted to be due to train maintenance.

My new shoes in Brooklyn -

Central Park from the North - we walked from 110th Street down to 70th -

The ever-fabulous River Cafe beneath the Brooklyn Bridge with a skyline view of east downtown Manhattan - a perfect ending!

We may or may not have seen America Ferrara while dining :)

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