January 29, 2010

Workout Buddy

I enjoyed two massages on vacation and judging by the knots in my back that each masseuse desperately (and painfully) tried to loosen, I have some major stress and could lighten up a little. I decided it's time to incorporate more exercise and relaxation into my life. So I started doing my reliable mommy workout. I do the first 12 minute routine each morning before I hop in the shower and start my day. It'a alot of stretching with some leg and ab work. Sookie ("the devil cat" as my kids call her, but they're just jealous) has been very interested in this new morning activity. The first day she sat on the sidelines, meowing support every now and again. At least I think it was support. It could have just as easily been "what ARE you doing?" The next day she perched close by on a table offering zero support. Yesterday she sat even closer. Today she was about two inches from me at all times - moving around when I moved with intermittent meowing. She also decided to get in on the abs action - she sat right on my chest for situps, pelvic tilts and kegels, meowing encouragement with each lift. Is that TMI? I can't wait to see what my workout buddy will do tomorrow.

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