January 30, 2010

Gifts From Around the World

I have been blessed with many lovely and thoughtful gifts over the years, but I received three in particular with an international flair that I adore.

I LOOOOVE this bag. My mother purchased it with Sassy in mind while in Guatemala last year on a medical mission trip (she is an anesthetist). I opened the box when she sent some goodies from the trip and claimed it. It is THE perfect travel bag - hands-free crossbody style, soft construction, deep but not bulky with an easy-to-reach outside pocket and secure inside pocket. Great colors too! Mom, I'll take at least one if not two on your next trip. Please!!!

My mother purchased this scarf for me on a recent trip to Italy. I love the colors and pattern. It's luxuriously soft too! A perfect match with my grey peacoat.

These earrings (there are two) were an early gift from my MIL while on our recent trip to Mexico (Costa Maya). I love the metal work - bold yet delicate and understated. And I'm a huge fan of mixed metals - gold and silver. These aren't heavy and the lever back closures offer the perfect combination of security and dangle.

Workout Buddy Update: Impatiently waited for the floor work (that's my interpretation per the incessant meowing or whining), then pounced on my back as soon as I got on all fours to do "cat" stretches. Ironic don't you think?!

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