January 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

I bought this bouquet at an upscale grocery store the other night for $7. I heart flowers. Especially simple, elegant arrangements such as this. I think the pink and white ones are sweet peas. Those were my paternal grandmother's favorite flower. She told me many times these were in her bouquet when she married my grandfather.

The aforementioned family drama is a non-issue. I won't be able to attend Erma's service so no need to worry about any "interactions". whew!

Both Chunky and Sassy had tournaments this weekend - basketball for Chunky and volleyball for Sassy. Both came in 2nd!

The Communications class is going okay. I went way over time for my first speech (thankfully everyone got an "A") and did better for my second. I handed in a draft of my oped on health care reform financing. The next assignments are tough - an "I believe" essay (simulated radio broadcast taken from NPRʼs, This I Believe, program) and a position paper with call to action speech. I'm thinking of writing about why you shouldn't shop at a popular retailer due to their unfair/unjust business practices (social justice perspective). I was thinking of writing about health care reform, but the topic is very broad and I'd really need to focus on a very particular position.

I'm going to make a prediction that the Vikings beat the Cowboys today. I have faith.

Off to pack for vacation. Adios y vaya con Dios!

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