January 19, 2010


You are 43 years young today. I still call you by your childhood nickname. We've been married almost 23 years and have known each other since the second grade. Your favorite foods are peanut butter, milk, steak and chips & salsa. You drink an insane amount of milk - between you and the kids we go through 6 gallons a week. I am not a milk drinker. You heart motorcycles and motorcycle racing - in a really intense, sometimes disturbing way. You also heart your truck, iPod (which I had to practically force you to try and now no one can touch) and your family. You used to travel for work frequently - gone two to six weeks at a time when Sassy was little. I'm glad you're around more now - the kids love that you take them to school most mornings as well to a lot of their games. The three of you love go-carting and running around in the summer shooting nerf guns or paint ball. Your favorite words are "really" and "nice" - you say these in response to most everything. Note: they can be said with either an approving or sarcastic tone. You are good cop to my bad cop in the parenting department. You like my cooking most of the time. When we were first married and I was a budding chef, you often mentioned that your mother made things better. I suggested you give her a call and have her send it. You are fun-loving, generous, moody, and THE biggest mama's boy. You definitely make life interesting. Love You and Happy Birthday!

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