January 27, 2010

Viva Mexico

I want to go back. It's 9 degrees here. I probably won't see another 80 degree day for at least six months. boo hoo We loved the Riviera Maya area. There's more sun, blue sky and turquoise water than ought to be allowed. I'm thinking our next trip may need to be to a resort in the area so we can immerse ourselves in the carefree sangria/margarita/guacamole ways to which I've become accustomed. I know I'm tardy on photos. I'm envious of all the amazing ones MckMama took on her cruise (not the same as ours). Here's what you get from me -

Costa Maya (5 hrs south of Cancun). That's our ship in between the two "huts". These are actually two restaurants with a huge saltwater swimming pool. MIL and I did a bit of shopping and snacking while Chunky swam his little heart out.

After they went back to the ship I got a massage on the beach.

Sassy and I on formal dinner night

Hubby and the chipmunks


We all snorkeled together for awhile - Chunky was a bit tentative as he didn't like to go out into the open water so Sassy and Hubby found a sting ray and followed it out into the lagoon while Chunky and I got something to eat and communed with nature.

Macaw parrots at XelHa - there were so many I lost count

I think we need one of these at home - it would keep him occupied for hours!

We loved our cabin attendant - Anderson Hamilton from Trinidad & Tobago. He makes the nicest towel animals.

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